Push Fit

Push Fit

The 'push fit' sewer system is a specifically designed system which stage by stage takes into account the different angles and requirements for every project from the manufacturing phase all the way to implementation. Moreover, all the pipes and connectors are produced using the highest quality polypropylene random copolymers which enhance resistance to various atmospheric and physical elements that may occur in a building. The material is also extremely resistant to fire and violent building vibrations and shakes caused by possible earthquakes and earth movements.

The system's physical structure is composed of     the highest quality materials with pipes in sizes 50, 75, 90 and 100 at one end and a conical shaped connector with an internal deep groove for o-ring installation to seal the joining point between the pipe and the connector. Furthermore, the o-ring and the connectors are all made of a special material which allows for steadfast positioning and tight sealing of the pipes and connectors.

What is the difference between 'push fit' and polyka pipes?

In terms of material, resistance and even thickness, 'push fit' pipe is much more superior to polyka. Also, in contrast to polyka, 'push fit' pipes do not require any adhesive, and can be tightly fitted together using connectors. In addition, 'push fit' system has a porthole that may be used to check for blockage in order to prevent further damage.

Since fluids are capable of causing extensive damage to underground foundations and facilities, sewer systems play a rather crucial role in collecting surface water and industrial and household waste waters. Accordingly, some of the most important reasons to collect water and industrial waste water is to avoid corrosion and rusting of materials as well as prevent soil pollution. Therefore, pipes and connectors made of anti-corrosive and highly resistant polypropylene are an excellent choice agains damaging properties of chemicals, and feasible solution for collecting and transferring waste water.

  • 8/2/2017
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