Damavand Project

Damavand Project


Project site: Damavand

Plot (land) area: 8 acres

Product: Garden apple

System Type: Automated drip irrigation

This apple orchard located in Damavand region was applying the traditional method of irrigation. However, low efficiency of the system necessitated the consideration of new methods that can greatly reduce the excessive water consumption to irrigate. Accordingly, after relevant consultation with Polyiran Company and visit and inspection of the orchard, proper actions were implemented to design and provide connectors and irrigation pipes to install the new fully-automated drip irrigation system using specially design pipes in diameter of 20 and water supply rate of 2.4 and distance of 5.

The fully evolved pressurized system is a fitted with different sensors and automatic valves which routinely collect comprehensive data on soil (moisture content, reaction, minerals, ambient temperature, rainfall amount, wind intensity, slope degree, plant and vegetation status, etc.), and subsequently analyse this information by using specialized software in order to determine the correct irrigation cycles based on factors related to the overall conditions of plants and vegetation as well as environmental and soil conditions. Consequently, the volume of water consumed for irrigation is reduced significantly while efficiency increases greatly.