Safari Stockbreeding Farm

Safari Stockbreeding Farm


Project: Salehi – Safari Stockbreeding Farm located in Pishva County with over 8,000 heads of dairy cattle
Implementation Date: 2014-2017
Cultivation: Feed maze
Area under Cultivation: 300 acres
Former Irrigation Method: Submerged & rainfall
New Irrigation Method: Drip / Strip type

The aforementioned stockbreeding farm is one the most widely recognized husbandries in Pishva and Varamin regions. In the past, the Complex applied the submerged method of irrigation and relied on seasonal rainfalls as well; however, due to several years of drought leading to a shortage of water and increase frequency in dry winds, the method referred to above had completely lost its efficiency. Consistently, after seeking consultation with Polyiran Etesal, the stockbreeding farm’s management (employer) took the proper measures to have its irrigation system changed and upgraded to something more feasible and compatible with the prevailing conditions. According to the data collected on changes presented in the following chart, the efficiency of water consumption and yielded product rate have both increased drastically as the direct result of the upgrade noted herein.

Water Consumption
m3/h Dry Matter Performance
Kg/h Water Consumption Efficiency
Drip Irrigation = 0.67 Rain/Drip Irrigation =1.97 Rain/Drip Irrigation = 2.88s
Two different strip tapes in sizes 16mm over a 70- acre land area and 22mm over a 230-acre are have been used in this project. Application of Polyiran strip tape not only leads to greater water efficiency, but it also reduces secondary costs (high pressure water delivery pipes).

The length of the 16mm and 22mm strip tapes utilized in the project is 150 meters and 250 meters, respectively which together can cover a total area of 500 meters for cultivation and crop yield. Moreover, while high quality Polyiran strip tape maintains long-term irrigation consistency, it does not affect or interfere with systematic fertilizing or pesticide operations which is why there is a high rate of water efficiency and product yield in this plan, whereby the Ministry of Agriculture introduced the farm as the 'Superior Farm of the Year.'